Dairy Show Supporters Needed

Dear Dairy Show Supporters, 

As many of us know, the amount of local dairies in Van Wert County has greatly diminished in recent years. Part of our Ag Society’s mission is to promote, enhance, and preserve our roots. With this in mind, our dairy department would like to encourage more exhibitors to show at our county fair on September 4, 2023. 

We have discussed options to encourage exhibitors such as easy access to register and only one overnight stay for the exhibitors, with the exception being 4-H projects. One major issue is always “cash rewards”. We feel being able to offer extra cash incentives for exhibitors would bring out more dairy cattle and promote a more rounded and competitive show. 

We are seeking donations to help fund this dairy show. It is through companies and people like you who love the dairy industry, that will help make this a reality. 

All donors will be listed in the show arena on the day of the show as well as in the dairy barn for the week of fair. Donors will also be announced during the show. 

We have set a goal of $3,000.00 to get this project started. Again, we appreciate any support you can give us. We will continue to promote the dairy industry as we move forward.

We look forward to seeing you at the 167th Van Wert County Fair! 



Kathy Pugh McCollow
Director of Dairy Department