Leadership and Staff

The Van Wert County Agricultural Society is comprised of Directors representing the following townships: Jennings, Liberty, Jackson, York, Pleasant, Washington, Hoaglin, Tully, Harrison, Willshire, Ridge, Union; and the following regions: Northern, Southern, Central, Van Wert At-Large, City of Van Wert, and County Villages. The Society also employs four full-time employees and several part-time administrative and seasonal staff.

Election of Directors:

Section 17. A committee of three (3), appointed by the President, shall prepare the ballot with names of candidates for directors. Said committee shall be composed of directors, representative residents of any township, village, or city, for which a director is to be elected, possessor of a membership certificate, have a name placed on the ticket by presenting same to the Secretary by 6:00pm, two days before the fair begins. Only regularly nominated candidates, who have met the filing requirements, will be eligible for election as a director. A director seeking re-election, a member seeking election as a director, or a person assisting a candidate for election/re-election may not use the society funds, facilities, or employees to:

A) Promote the candidacy of any person who seeks election/reelection to the Board of Directors of the Society, or

B) Solicit during the election process on the behalf of any candidate for election/re-election, or

C) Influence the votes of members upon any amendment to the Constitution or Bylaws of the Society.

2024 Officers

Kathy McCollow


Stephanie Boroff

Vice President

Mike Poling


Dalton Sidle


Directors – 2024 Term

John Giessler

At Large Van Wert County

Becki Price

Washington Township

Kim Mason

City of Van Wert

Mark Evans

Hoaglin Township

Shawn Thatcher

Tully Township

Stephanie Boroff

Northern Region

Directors – 2025 Term

Ryan Adam

Harrison Township

Brian Etzler

Willshire Township

Clint Myers

Ridge Township

Mike Wortman

Union Township

Dalton Sidle

County Villages

Jennifer Balliet

Central Region

Directors – 2026 Term

Kathy McCollow

Jennings Township

Kory Kline

Liberty Township

Roger Wilkin

Jackson Township

Brendan Karl

York Township

Susie Sanderson

Pleasant Township

Rob Bradford

Southern Region

Office Staff

Rayana Thatcher

Office Administrator

Phil Campbell


2024 Auxiliary Directors

Abbey BradfordMelissa BradfordTerry ChildsErin Holden
Dave JonesLeah LichtensteigerSpencer LinnChris Lobsiger
Taylor McCoyLarry RoyerRonnie SchummMark Sheets

Ex-Officio Members

Curtis Young: OSU Extension Educator; Ag & Natural Resources

2024 Committees

AuditDalton SidleBecki PriceMike Poling
Buildings/Ground/EquipmentClint MyersRoger WilkinDalton SidleJohn Giessler
Camper & TrailersRyan AdamMark EvansRob Bradford
Cheerleading ContestKim MasonSusie Sanderson
Demo DerbyJohn GiesslerKory KlineRyan Adam
ExecutiveKathy McCollowStephanie BoroffDalton SidleMike WortmanBrian EtzlerMike Poling
Free Ground EntertainmentOffice StaffStephanie BoroffKim MasonBrian Etzler
Grandstand Concert LogisticsRyan AdamMike Wortman
Policy & Procedures - EthicsKathy McCollowBrian Etzler
Sale BuyersBrian Etzler
Truck & Tractor PullClint MyersJohn GiesslerKory KlineBrendan KarlRyan AdamKathy McCollow
Senior Citizens DayKim MasonRoger Wilkin
Veterans Day Roger WilkinKim Mason
MotocrossCaleb RadulewiczKory Kline
Calf ScrambleStephanie BoroffMike WortmanMike WortmanBrian EtzlerShawn Thatcher
Car Show Warren KramerBrendan Karl
Jeep / Motorcycle Show Susie SandersonBrendan Karl

2024 Departments

Ponies & Saddle HorseJen Balliet (Chair)Ryan Adam
Speed/RaceRoger Wilkin (Chair)Jen Balliet
Dairy CattleKathy McCollow (Chair)Shawn ThatcherBecki Price
Beef CattleMike Wortman (Chair)Mark Evans
Boer GoatRyan Adam (Chair)
SheepSteph Boroff (Chair)Kim Mason
RabbitsRob Bradford (Chair)
Jr. Fair & Jr. Fair AdvisorySteph BoroffBecki Price
Farm ProductsBecki Price (Chair)Kathy McCollow
Fine ArtsSusie Sanderson (Chair)Steph Boroff
Grandstand ManagerRob Bradford (Chair)Shawn ThatcherDave Jones
SecurityMark Evans (Chair)Dalton Sidle
GatesDalton Sidle (Chair)Brendan KarlJohn Giessler
Machinery & Antique MachineryShawn Thatcher (Chair)Dalton Sidle
Space & ConcessionsOffice
Public Relations, Adv., & SponsorshipOffice
Horseshoe PitchingAaron Knittle (Chair)
SoundKim Mason (Chair)Steph Boroff
Music PavillionKim Mason (Chair)
School ExhibitOffice
Commercial BuildingOfficeSusie Sanderson
Ryan Trentman MemorialBrian Etzler (Chair)
SafetyDalton Sidle (Chair)Kory KlineBrendan Karl
Sanitation & Waste RemovalClint Myers (Chair)
Grandstand PitsKory Kline (Chair)

Commissioners & Engineers

Thad Lichtensteigher


Todd Wolfrum

Commissioner Chairman

Stan Owens

Commissioner Vice-Chairman

Ryanne Bollenbacher

Clerk Administrator

Kyle J. Wendel PE, PS

Van Wert County Engineer