On the Grounds

These folks will be performing on the grounds throughout Fair week!

tactical force laser tag

Tuesday August 27 – Thursday August 29th

Tactical Force offers mobile laser tag geared towards making unforgettable memories for the entire family at fairs, festivals, community events, church outings, and private events. We strive to make sure every guest has a joyful experience they will not soon forget. Tactical Force is staffed with friendly experienced laser tag technicians who utilize well maintained equipment to ensure a great experience for guest of all ages.

What is mobile laser tag? Imagine paintball with no pain, no mess, and no projectiles. Thus, bringing that videogame experience to life, in a safe way for the whole family to enjoy! Our laser taggers also resemble taggers used in many video games thus giving your guest the opportunity to experience a real-life video game.

What sets us apart from other entertainment? We offer nonstop
entertainment! Our staff will contentiously keep games running. Unlike most other shows or entertainers that offer two or three thirty-minute shows per day we offer continuous play. Each game is unique and different so it’s not the same old show again and again. We also host a high score tournament each day. The guest with the high score of the day will receive a trophy to show their accomplishments.

Jungle Island Petting Zoo

Tuesday August 27 – Monday September 2

Jungle Island Zoo, LLC provides a traveling petting zoo service, animal educational programs, reindeer promotions, live nativity scenes,  and other favorites for schoolsnursing homes, and more.

Ben Osting, president of Jungle Island Zoo, LLC and his wife Kim, have over 75 years combined experience professionally raising and handling native wildlife, alternative and domestic livestock, and exotic animals. Ben has traveled the United States transporting, captivating, handling, and relocating animals. Kim has reared thousands of people friendly  babies for the petting zoo and sales. The Ostings are full time professional animal experts. They have made careers out of their passion and enjoy sharing their fondness of the animal kingdom. Their enterprises are insured as well as licensed at the sate and federal level. Contact us today to learn more!

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Family Fun Circus Show

Performances: Thursday August 29 – Monday September 2 @ 2:00, 5:00, & 8:00 PM 

The Family Fun Circus with Crack Jack The Clown is a fun and funny show with magic, juggling, comedy, circus stunts and more with lots of audience participation through out the show. You can also catch Cracker Jack out on the midway on his circus buggy creating a party where ever he goes. Come one come all to see Ohio’s only one ring mud show this show has something for everyone!!!!!    

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Michael Felks Tinsmith

Thursday August 29 – Monday September 2


Imagine participating in a time traveling endeavor, discovering one of the most essential elements geologically that would aid in the transformation of a new nation from its level of primitive survival to producing innovations in the quality of life as never before thought possible!

Imagine witnessing a flat metal material as combined with this element being fashioned live with museum tools right before your eyes, and participating in a trivia game with historic anecdotes and clues with others to figure out what type of object is being made before it’s finished in 5-15 minutes! 

Congratulation’s if you guessed right, you just figured out a rare domestic, farm, medical, and military contrivance used by your forbearers for survival purposes during the 18th or 19th centuries.  Now your reward is leading the audience into the triple guess gaming challenge, where nobody is left out, and all will be winners, with one securing a token valued at $30.00 made exclusively for him or her!  But don’t worry if you only attain the consolation prize, feel free to come back and compete as many times as you like for free!  Because every show is different, and we can always compete in the mystery case challenge relay!

Actually most state that they come back multiple times, because they continue to learn, laugh, and be entertained as never before!

First Bite Fishing

Thursday August 29 – Monday September 2

First Bite Fishing Tanks:

Our attraction is fun for families and kids of all ages. When people see our attraction, it automatically triggers their curiosity. Our attraction is a huge draw 3 different ways: Depending on their ages, people want to see the fish in the tank. They want to see the fish being caught. They want to catch the fish.

* Fishing Instructors are on site at all times making sure fishermen are safely having fun.

Bear Hollow Wood Carvers

Friday August 30 – Monday September 2


Performance Dogs of Ohio

Performances: Saturday August 31, Sunday September 1, & Monday September 2 @ 1:00, 4:00, & 7:00 PM 

Introducing the Pinnacle of Canine Entertainment: Performance Dogs of Ohio, LLC™ boasts the most exceptional team in the canine entertainment show industry.

Step into the world of our Performance Team Members. What sets us apart as the premier show in Ohio? It’s our team! Each member of our team was carefully selected with a singular objective in mind – to deliver the ultimate canine performance show experience in all of Ohio. Live shows are not just our expertise; they are our passion, and we are eagerly poised to perform for you!  Our goal is to grow the bond with your pet through canine sports and each handler is selected based on these core principals. Here’s our commitment – We Won’t Settle. We will continuously strive for improvement. Meet our team of highly skilled dog training experts – the dream team of the dog training world. Our relentless pursuit is to ensure a flawless customer experience for our performance dog shows. Connect with us today to secure the perfectly priced package for your upcoming event or party! We live by these words: IT’S GO TIME!

Science Central

Saturday August 31, Sunday September 1, & Monday September 2 
3:00-7:00 PM 

Science Central is a regional resource that provides inspiring and fun hands-on science education for all people of all ages.