Projects on the Grounds

“Pave The Way” Pavement Project

Project Scope

The Van Wert County Agricultural Society announces continued improvements for the 2023 calendar year. One of the most impactful projects is the complete renovation of the roadways throughout the Fairgrounds. 

“The Ag Society is appreciative of the $200,000 made available by the Van Wert County Commissioners office through the Covid Assistance Fund for this project. These funds will help us repave some of our roads that lead traffic around the perimeter of the grounds. For us to repave everything in Phase 1, we will need to raise an additional $100,000.” states Fair Manager Mike Poling.

The “Pave The Way” campaign has been established to enable individuals, groups/organizations and area businesses of all sizes to make a tax-deductible donation, which will directly fund the remaining roadways on the grounds. The renovation is broken into three phases: Phase 1 includes the perimeter and our most frequented gate entrances, Phase 2 includes some other high traffic areas and Phase 3 will include repaving around the North side of the Grandstand track. An additional $100,000 is needed to complete Phase 1. Any additional funds raised over the $100,000 will go towards the future phases of the roadway improvement project. The numbers on the map indicate the order in which the sections will be completed.

The first phase of the project has an anticipated start date of early May, 2023 with a completion date of early June, 2023.

“These projects and renovations are critical to our success in bringing enjoyable family-friendly events to the Fairgrounds all year long. We are grateful for those donors and community organizations who continually support our improvements.” states Fair Manager Mike Poling.

Making a Donation

Donors wishing to give to the Van Wert County Agricultural Society are encouraged to donate in increments of $250.00. For every $250.00 donation, the donor will be entered into a drawing for two (2) lifetime season passes to the Van Wert County Fair. Checks should be made payable to the Van Wert County Agricultural Society with “Pave the Way” in the memo line.

Fundraising Update


Phase 1: $283,473.00
Phase 2: + $78,175.00
Phase 3: + $125,800.00

Map of Phases

Financial Breakdown

Junior Fair Building Restrooms

Our Junior Fair Building is currently under construction for improvements. In 2022, The Van Wert County Agricultural Society was awarded $50,000 in grant funds from the Cooper Family Foundation for concrete work on the outside of the building including sidewalks, pad under canopy, and a loading dock on the south end of the facility.

In 2023, $50,000 was granted by the Cooper Family Foundation for continued improvements of the Junior Fair Building. Funds were also distributed to the bathroom renovation project to make the women’s restroom truly ADA compliant and to increase restroom capacity and add storage. The Van Wert County Foundation also granted $20,000 for the project.

Washington Street Fence Project

Project Scope

In 2021, The Van Wert County Agricultural Society started ground improvements by updating nearly 2,000 feet of fencing along S. Washington Street of the Van Wert County Fairgrounds. 

This project was completed by R&C Fence out of Fort Wayne, Indiana and included 500’ of 6’ high black vinyl coated chain link fence at the South end with a 4’ wide gate; 782’ of 6’ high black vinyl coated chain link fence with 32’ wide double swing gate, and 545’ of 6’ high black vinyl coated chain link fence at the North End. The Washington Street Fence Project total investment was just over $38,000 with only $307.79 being paid out of pocket thanks to our community support and donations.

Over $31,000  was raised by our generous donors towards this project. On behalf of the Agricultural Society, we would like to extend appreciation to the following donors:

  • Mark, Dan, Beth, Mary, Ron and families
  • Aaron Anspach Family
  • Richard & Janice Miller
  • Michael & Kerrie Miller Family
  • Bob & Karlene Priest
  • Nathan Profit
  • Long Lane Acres Shawn Thatcher & Daughters
  • Thad & Deb Lichtensteiger
  • Huggy Bear Campground
  • Van Wert Carts & More
  • Carey Insurance
  • Tisha Fast – State Farm
  • Curt & Julia Schaffner
  • Carrie Davis & Sons Farms
  • Scott & Amber Davis
  • Fred Sprinkles
  • Greg Reinhart
  • Denny & Melanie Miller
  • Hempfling Dairy Farm
  • Seth & Abbie Evans Family
  • Davis Farms
  • John & Jean Ann Auld
  • Ben & Karol Agler
  • John & Pat Kerns
  • Sam & Janet Scott
  • Denney & Pam Kerns
  • Dean Kerns
  • Harold & Connie Dull
  • David & Virginia Jones
  • TJM Transport
  • Kenneth & Arlene Keysor Family
  • Jim & Darlene Kaverman
  • Clark & Gloria Ringwald
  • Craig & Kristy Ringwald & Family
  • IIJ Farms LLC
  • Van Wert 4-H Exchange Club
  • The Family of Gene & Drema Arn
  • Gene & Drema Arn
  • Hugh Waltz
  • Brad & Judy Dotson
  • Helen Ashbaugh
  • Tim & Tammy Hamrick & Family
  • Todd & Jayne Morris
  • M & M Farms – Convoy OH
  • John Larry & Linda S Stutz
  • Rick & Dianna Ashbaugh & Family
  • Macey Ashbaugh
  • John C & Anne Morris
  • Dave & Rose Wherry
  • Richard & Margaret Miller
  • Allmandinger Family Farms
  • Steve & Cindy DuVall
  • Lynn & Sharon Baer
  • Brad & Joyce Mills
  • Lloyd & Ruth Etzler
  • Brian & Michelle Etzler
  • Hempfling Dairy Farm
  • Andy & Katie Drerup
  • Richards Kids
  • VW Auto Supply
  • Landeck Cattle
  • Roger & Judy Davis
  • Daryl “DD” Strickler
  • Bee Gee Realty & Auction Co.
  • Clair & Cindy Harting II
  • Tim & Tammy Hamrick Family
  • Greg & Kim Owens
  • Stanley & Marcia Weldy
  • TJM Transport, LLC
  • The Schnipkes
  • Tom & Sherrill Giessler
  • Randall & Martha Jo Giessler
  • Phil & Carol Giessler
  • John Giessler
  • Robert Bradford
  • Venedocia Lads & Lassies
  • Harold & Janet Merkle
  • Janet & Byron Mohr
  • Bob & Kathy McCollow
  • Mark Mohr
  • Darl Cook
  • Van Wert Service Club
  • Bruce and Julie Kennedy
  • Decatur Church of God

Donations were also made in memory of families and individuals:

  • Dale Foltz, Dale, Hildred Cooper
  • Carl & Beverly Evans Wilber
  • Mary Etzler
  • Richard (Dick) Lewis
  • Don & Linda Bockey
  • Ruth Hermiller
  • Jeff Evans
  • Linda Girod
  • John Schwartz
  • Ed, Pat & Anne Keber
  • Wilbur Hyman
  • Wiley & Beatrice Kerns
  • Kenneth & Edna Kerns
  • Jan & Karen Burket
  • Raymond & Helen Mosier
  • Aaron S. Bidlack Sr.
  • Emmett Gehres
  • Christine “Mason” Stephenson
  • Dean Tomlinson Family
  • Terry J. Gamble
  • Daryl (Doc) Girod
  • William “Wild Bill” R. Evans
  • Justin J. Adam
  • John R. Evans
  • Larry Poling
  • Kenneth Dee Sherer
  • Otis & Betty DuVall
  • Wm & Dora Mae (Myers) Kiracofe
  • Odus, Nannie, Doyle & Jennie Stuckey
  • Allen Whitey Custer
  • Kristie A Wilkin
  • Hugh & Evelyn Pugh
  • John Myers
  • Larry & Kristiae Wilkin
  • Carey & Lillie Weldy
  • John Knippen
  • Old Fashioned Farmers Association
  • Catherine Heitz
  • Ken & Helen Wherry
  • Jeff Evans
  • Ed Williams
  • Fred & Joanne Giessler
  • Ted & Erma Giessler
  • June Taylor

Without the continued support of our community, projects like these would not be possible. The Van Wert County Agricultural Society appreciates the generosity of our community and looks forward to the future.