Van Wert County Foundation Grants

The Van Wert County Agricultural Society has received two grants from the Van Wert County Foundation totaling $16,375 from the John D. and Nellie S. Ault Memorial Fund. The Ag Society applied for the grants during the 2023 Fall Competitive Grant Cycle. The competitive grant cycle is a biannual process where Van Wert County nonprofits, government, and schools can apply for funding for special projects or programs impacting Van Wert County. The applications submitted are reviewed and voted on by The Foundation’s Board of Trustees with the main focus of the process being how the organization’s project is focused on creating a well-resourced and thriving quality of life for our community. 

“This year marks our 168th Annual Van Wert County Fair. We have nearly 50 buildings, barns and arenas that need updated, upgraded and improved to continue to meet the needs of our agriculture and fair community. We rely on our fundraising efforts, grants and community donations to make this possible.” states Mike Poling, Van Wert County Fair Secretary and Fair Manager. “We are grateful for the continued support of the Van Wert County Foundation and look forward to finishing our active projects.”

These funds are allocated for specific projects, one being 2-way LED sign at Gate 2 to help advertise upcoming events and deadlines as well as continued marketing efforts to best communicate information and events to the Van Wert Community. 

To learn more about the projects on the grounds visit https://www.vanwertcountyfair.com/about-us/projects/