Windshield Class


1. Any 1980 and newer front wheel drive car with "6" cylinders or less, may be pre run but must still conform to fresh car rules. Cars may be painted.

2. Windshield is preferred but optional, if removed you must have a vertical bar or wire in windshield
area. All other glass must be removed.
* Broken glass inside doors must be swept clean, if windshield is removed all glass along trim edge must be removed, same for rear window.

3. Body/Bumpers: Bumper covers, outside moldings, mirrors, outside lights, hood latch, and exhaust must be removed (catalytic converter and forward may stay in place). No cutting, bending, hammering, or creasing body is allowed. Trunk lids and rear bumpers may not be removed. Cars with factory installed plastic or fiberglass "FRONT" bumper may replace them with a comparable bumper. You may not replace a missing or damaged bumper with a chrome bumper unless it came factory on that car. Bumper may be bolted on with up to four 3/8 bolts per side (8 total) or four 1 inch tack welds per side (8 total). The same will apply to pre-ran cars to replace bumpers that have been torn off in a previous event. Front bumpers must be wired through the bumper to core support in 4 spots, two strands per spot . Rear bumpers must be stock and remain in place. Rear bumpers must be wired to deck lid in 2 places with 2 strands of #9 wire, either around bumper or holes drilled and wire run through bumper.

4. Broken tie rods my be welded but no adding steel or strengthening in any way.

5. Gas tank, computer, all electrical components (except inertia switches), shifter, and wiring must remain operational and in original location and not be protected in any way other than spray foam insulation around battery. Fuel gauge should not read more then 1/4 tank, 5 gal maximum. Battery may remain in original location or be moved inside car if secured through the floor and suitably covered.

6. Doors may be wired or chained shut only at vertical seams and not to front fenders and MUST have car number in contrasting color. Driver's side must have bar inside door for safety. Bar must be fastened at top & bottom with nothing less than #9 wire.
One optional bar behind the seat may be bolted in place.

7. Hood must have 12" hole, hood and trunk may be wired shut in 4 spots sheet metal to sheet metal.

8. Original rims (must have all four) and radial tires, no snow tires or tubes. You may run donut spares on the back.

9. Driver's side air bag must be removed or deactivated, any others are optional, no other interior to be removed with the exception of door panels for glass removal.