Music Pavilion

Wednesday, August 31

10:00 AM – Senior Program – free donuts for seniors

We will have informative presentations, entertainment, giveaways, an exercise class for seniors, and coffee & donuts. There is handicapped parking on the north gate very close to the Music Pavilion where the activities will be held. We also have golf carts available to transport you to and from your vehicle. See you at the fair!

Thursday, September 1

6:00 PM – Randy Long

Friday, September 2

7:00 PM – The Nelons

Offering a captivating blend of gospel, a cappella, hymns, Americana, folk, and inspirational music, the Nelons are a world-class talented family. The ensemble is led by the legendary, multi-award winning vocalist, co-founding member Kelly Nelon Clark and her husband, the versatile singer, songwriter, musician, and producer, Jason Clark. Their daughters, Amber and Autumn, complete this supremely gifted musical troupe as they contribute their powerful vocals to this traveling family band’s harmonic sound.

Their trend-setting innovation, technical skill, and undeniable gift of communication have delighted audiences all around the world. Jason’s musicianship and his ability to arrange infectious harmonies, along with Kelly’s breathtaking alto, Amber’s soaring soprano, and Autumn’s haunting folksy vocal tone and mandolin playing blend to create a sound that is enthralling. They have played and sung their brand of music in large arenas, intimate rural area performing arts centers, festivals, fairs, and churches throughout the United States, along with numerous international appearances as well.

A concert with The Nelons leaves you encouraged by the message of hope shared from their hearts, warmed by the love of family you feel from the stage, and inspired by the beauty, purity, and majesty of each lyric they sing.

The Nelons, along with their band members, combines the best of a variety of beloved genres, in a way that unifies every audience, bridging the generational gap of the young and old. Simply put, this is just great music!

Saturday, September 3

1:00 PM – Children Serving Christ

We are a non-denominational group of Bible-believing Christian volunteers whose desire is to faithfully represent Christ by giving children the opportunity to choose Christ and grow in Him.

6:00 PM – St. Mary of the Assumption Catholic Church Mass

Sunday, September 4

10:00 AM – Zion Christian Union Church Service

1:00 PM – Children Serving Christ

We are a non-denominational group of Bible-believing Christian volunteers whose desire is to faithfully represent Christ by giving children the opportunity to choose Christ and grow in Him.

6:00 PM – Coby James

Upon first listen, it’s easy to see that singer-songwriter-guitarist Coby James possesses the instincts and song craft of a seasoned veteran. It’s when you learn that at the ripe old age of 18 years old, he also produces, writes and performs on all of his recordings that you truly grasp the vast potential in front of him. Indeed, the precocious gun-slinger has already performed on a national tour with Grammy nominated and Dove Award winner Danny Gokey (of American Idol fame), signed with indie label Centricity (Lauren Daigle, Jordan Feliz) and released two self-produced EPs. The self-described workaholic even graduated high school early to focus on a career in music.

James announced himself with debut single “Paradise” which calls to mind “Continuum”-era John Mayer- with its nimble Belief-esque guitar riff that opens the song. The refreshingly honest semi-autobiographical lyric delivered with the confidence and swagger of Ed Sheeran reminds the listener that all the trappings that life throws can’t compare to a life of purpose and fulfillment. The follow-up “Pressure” addressed life as a teenager finding his way in the music business. An openly devout Christian, Coby shares what drives him the most: “I want people to see my perspective as a teenager going through life. Hopefully they see where I find my hope and my peace and that God is where I find my strength.” Fan favorite “No Trouble” confronts bullying head on and cements James’ penchant for witty one-liners like the pre-chorus “say what you want but keep if on your chest, you might be insecure but I’ve got finesse”. Says James, “I’ve always been the outsider in my peer group. While everyone else was going to parties and playing video games, I was in my bedroom writing a lyric, playing guitar or producing a track. There were some who just didn’t get it and they would make fun of me. I wrote ‘No Trouble’ to say ‘no one asked you for your opinion so shut up and let me live’. I guess you could say that the song is for outcasts like me.”

When recent events indefinitely postponed a planned national unplugged tour, James took full advantage of the down time to pen nearly 20 songs including the pop gem “Born Ready” which releases via Centricity Music June 19, 2020. Where other artists struggle to find motivation amidst the chaos, James is thriving. “I started this whole journey writing and producing songs in my bedroom, so for me, that’s where I’m the most comfortable. At the end of the day, I’m still that same young kid in my bedroom hoping that I’ll create something that the whole world will sing one day”.

7:00 PM – Love & The Outcome

Singer/songwriter Jodi King and her husband, bassist Chris Rademaker, know the feeling of watching the sun set in California. Windows down, U2’s The Joshua Tree blaring on the radio, they’ve felt the rush of warm, dry wind as they cross the desert in the direction of the neon lights of the city. The duo, known as Love & The Outcome, set out to recreate the feeling of that unforgettable setting on These Are The Days, their long-awaited sophomore effort. “There’s something about California,” Jodi says. “These songs just felt like a sunset there. It felt like dust, like a desert, so we knew this where we needed to start making the record.” It was in 2013 that Love & The Outcome debuted their self-titled album with Word Records, and they soon became a mainstay at Christian radio. They toured all over the U.S. and Canada, sharing the stage with artists such as Newsboys, Switchfoot, Lecrae, TobyMac, Jeremy Camp and Francesca Battistelli. But to get there, Jodi and Chris had to walk through a spiritual desert. For years leading up to their first album, they maintained a grueling touring schedule, sold their house and possessions, said goodbye to Chris’ mother after a battle with cancer, and hit pause on their promising careers. Yet after many painful stops in their journey, they felt the pull to keep going. They relocated to Nashville from Canada, bought a house, had their first child, and got back on the road.

“The Lord had so clearly led us to this land, literally to Nashville,” Jodi says. “I’m sure it’s how Abraham and the Israelites felt. We’ve literally gone through the desert to get to this season of celebration.” Jodi and Chris have come a long way since selling their condo in Canada in 2010. Jodi was a solo artist, riding on the acclaim of her just-released debut LP, Little Smile, when Chris began to fill in on guitar at select shows between gigs with his band, The Attics. After the Attics folded, Jodi and Chris saw an ideal opportunity to start fresh as Love & The Outcome. Now, the two are truly coming into their own as a band and as a couple. Produced once again by Colin Munroe and GRAMMY® Award winner Seth Mosley, the songs on These Are The Days are meant to be experienced as a whole project, which shows their maturity as musicians. “We wanted it to play like a record,” Jodi said. “We really wanted it to play from top to bottom.”


Learn more about Love & the Outcome here.

Monday, September 5

2:00 PM – Masters Own

The vision of The Master’s Own is to experience God’s grace, celebrate His life, and share His Love by proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ through gospel music and the spoken word. Area Gospel Music fans have enjoyed this Marion, IN group for many years.  They began coming to Van Wert over 21 years ago as part of the Gospel Music Expo and have become a favorite for area churches and festivals.  The Master’s Own is part of the Willowood Label and is produced by Dove Award-winning artist and songwriter John Darin Rowsey.  The trio consists of sisters Bernie Nelson and Dottie Rhodes, along with Dottie’s husband Chuck.

5:00 PM – Trinity

Trinity has celebrated over 30 years of music ministry. This Van Wert, Ohio-based trio features vocalists for Gary Adams, Cheryl Burk and Kim Mason. They are honored to be able to minister in song and share what the Lord has done for them as a group and individually.

The group is honored to be part of the Willowood Label and produced by Dove Award-winning song writer John Darin Rowsey. John’s talent for arranging has blessed many in gospel music and his heart for creating great music, while not losing the message of the song, makes him a great producer. John has produced Trinity’s last six recording projects. Trinity was also blessed to have Roger Talley produce the group’s first four projects.

Over the last several years the trio has had the privilege of taking the stage and singing God’s praises with some of the country’s leading gospel artists: The Talleys, The Hoppers, Greater Vision, The Booth Brothers, Mark Lowery, Dallas Holmes, Jeff & Sheri Easter, The Guardians, Karen Peck & New river, Triumphant Qt, The Imperials, Tribute Qt., The Pfeifers and many others. God has also blessed them by allowing Trinity to take part in different showcases at the National Quartet Convention, minister on various Gospel Cruises and tour throughout the country. Trinity has also hosted the Gospel Music Expo for the past 21 years.

6:00 PM – The Booth Brothers

Michael, Paul, and Buddy love Southern Gospel music. They believe it touches the soul and offers encouragement and hope. By singing and ministering to audiences through word and song, these gentlemen are fulfilling God’s call on their lives

Heritage: Ron Booth Sr., Ronnie and Michael Booth’s father, immersed his sons in Southern Gospel music during the time he sang with the Rebel’s Quartet and other musical groups. They sang with their father as “Ron Booth and the Booth Brothers” until 1998 when Ron Sr., or PawPaw, as he is affectionately known to his grandchildren, left the road.  Ronnie and Michael renamed the group and continued on as “The Booth Brothers”. Paul Lancaster joined the group in 2014 to replace Jim Brady and Buddy Mullins replaced Ronnie in 2021 when he left the group to spend time with his family – especially his grandchildren! The harmonies, which has been a trademark of the Booth Brothers, is continuing with the outstanding vocal abilities of Michael, Paul, and Buddy.

Present: Michael, Paul, and Buddy are deeply committed to musical excellence yet have a greater desire to impact the hearts of those listening to their music. Refreshing humor, inspiring songs, and encouraging words are embedded in every concert. This trio, collectively and individually, has been acknowledged as one of the finest in the business having received many awards over the years, including Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, Album of the Year, Trio of the Year, Male Group of the Year, and Best Live Performers among other awards. Although the group is grateful for the recognition of their work, their aspiration is for all honor and glory to be God’s alone.

Legacy: Michael, Paul, and Buddy do not know when they will no longer climb on the bus and travel the highways to meet and minister to people. They do know, however, until that day comes, they will continue their mission of proclaiming that Jesus Christ is the only way to achieve salvation and eternal life and they will never cease announcing to the world that He is the only One who can give the peace and comfort they desire.

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